Engraved Vows (Handwritten)

Engraved Vows (Handwritten)

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Select this item to receive the engraving service by adding it to your cart.  Keep in mind, the custom engraving works best if the vow or note is is ledge-able and handwritten.   

1. Upload a scan or picture or your handwritten note.
It is best if the handwriting has no lines and is clearly visible.  See notes below regarding images.  ( Also, you might choose to visit this page with your mobile device (iPad, phone, etc) and upload with that device and camera.  Have a light source coming in at an angle so as not to create shadows on the paper)

>>Upload Vow/Note Image<<

( Would you rather design your note and type it out?  Go back and choose the Engraved Typeset Vow option)

2. Once complete, return to this page.

3. Click Add to Cart for the Vow/Note Engraving Service.

If you have a question, just email etchedandcarved@gmail.com



We do BASIC clean up of all images, we will remove spots and blemishes
so that text can be read (within reason). We cannot reconstruct text.  

Lighting is important.  Be sure to take a picture with good lighting and no shadows on the paper.  It is important for there to be as much contrast as possible between the white paper and writing.  Be sure the picture is taken from above and straight on....avoid angles.

Personalization, moving around text, adding extra text, adding signatures etc. from other images WILL incur an ARTWORK CHARGE.  You can Add the Artwork Charge under in your cart.  If you are not sure if an artwork charge is required, we will let you know.

You may use your phone to upload the image.  That is often the easiest method.