Custom Stained and Finished Wood Sign (Horizontal)

Custom Stained and Finished Wood Sign (Horizontal)

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This sign is built using real wood slats and laser cut letters and shapes that are adhered with nail brads and adhesive or painted stenciled lettering and can choose.  You can customize the text, font, and add clip art images.   All text and images will be painted black or white depending on your design, and applied to the boards.  The laser cut letters and shapes create a 3D effect by the shadowing which allows the letters to "pop" better than stick on vinyl signs.  The painted stencil option creates a more rustic appearance as the edges of the letters are not quite as clean (some overspray could be present).   Be sure to view a few examples of the computer designed signs and the final produced versions below.   

Great care is taken to take your design and reproduce it as closely as possible.   We also take some liberty with the design and "fix" issues that we see with your design.  For instance, if its obvious that you wanted the text centered, but one side had too much space, we would adjust it.  We may contact you if we notice an issue with the font you chose as or an issue that you may have overlooked while designing.

Heres how to design your sign!

1.Choose the Board Color and Style:
Choose the color and board size first.  If you would like to try a different style, go back to the Signs collection page and start with the correct sign.  

2. Click Customize It.    This will open a new page where you can create your sign.

3. Click Continue Purchase when youre done designing.   The following page will allow you to select your board size and quantity.

4. Add to Cart

5. Choose options. 

Youll be asked to choose:
  1. Size (shown below)
  2. Finish Style - Clean or Rustic  - Examples of clean are the Summer Hill and Baylands signs.  Choosing rustic encourages nail holes, rough cut wood and other variations that make the sign look well loved and aged.
  3. Painted Stencil Letters or 3D raised letters.  There is a slight fee increase for the 3D raised letters due to the extra care to laser cut, adhere and perfect the look.  Painted stenciled lettering is a little more rustic looking and also more resistant to rough handling as the 3D lettering could be sheared off if you are not careful with your sign.

We will create your board from your design and contact you only if there is a question about your design.   Your board will be shipped to you.

Pricing and Details

Base Pricing Sizes:    (Youll choose the size at checkout)
11x18 inches - $35
15x24 inches - $45
22x30 inches - $55
24x36 inches - $65
(Need a larger sign or custom size?  Email us at before placing your order)

Text and Clip Art Additions:
Each Text or Clip Art Layer is an additional $10.  The boards shown in the examples when you customize have $20-30 of text or images added on top of the board base price above.  As you add layers or text or images, youll see a live fee counter displaying the adjustments.

Note: The number of horizontal boards used may vary depending on the size of your sign.  Great care is taken to achieve the same look and feel you design; however, as wood is a natural product and no two boards are the same, the grain, texture, knotting, and beautiful imperfections are different from board to board and the rustic effect they create is actually considered desirable.  Also, the color can vary slightly as each board takes the stain slightly differently.